Friday, 8 May 2015

Me Made May 4th - 8th May

Evening folks! I'm sat down with a nice glass of Rose to blog my remaining #mmmay15 outfits for the rest of this week :)

4th May 
new look 6323

5th May
Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte top - True Bias Hudson Pants

6th May
I worked this day and didnt get chance to take a picture before I collapsed in an exhausted mess!
But on days I work I always wear a plain white tunic top pattern New look 6323 and a plain back skirt New look 6191

7th May 
new look 6323, true bias hudson pants
Working from home and feeling comfy in True Bias Hudson Pants

8th May - It's FRIDAY!
Knitting, handmade, owls jumper

For my Playday with my baby girl I wore my handknitted Owls Jumper and Leggings - New Look pattern 6323 (excuse the cats photobomb!)

Here we are being sad in our matching jumpers ;) 
Knitting, handmade, owls jumper

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