Sunday, 26 April 2015

Archer Shirt

This was a challenging make!

My first proper shirt, collar and cuffs and all the bells and whistles! 
The Pattern is the Grainline Studios Archer Shirt, which is drafted as loose fitting but I took it in slightly at the side seams as I like things a bit more fitted.

There is a lot of material pooling at my lower back too, so in future I think I would need a swayback adjustment to stop it looking 'really' baggy.

The fabric is sort of a brushed cotton, and I was slightly worried that I would look like I'm wearing my jimjams, but making it a bit more fitted and with careful selection of bottom half wear I'm managing to avoid that trap so far!

First time I've sewn a collar, stand and cuff plackets but I found the sew-along instructions so easy to follow, it's great to have a visual reference to look at as well as the pattern guidelines :)

Grainline Studios Archer Shirt - Gem's Hems
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