Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Me Made May 2015 pledge! #mmmay15

I, Gem of Gem's Hems, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2015! I endeavour to wear ONLY Me-Made items (excluding underwear) for the duration of May 2015!

This will be a challenge for me because, despite having an extensive handmade wardrobe to choose from, still readily pick out RTW items from my wardobe. I had a bit of a think about why I do this and it essentially falls down to two things - comfort and not wanting to 'ruin' my painstakingly hand sewn clothes! Have you ever heard anything so ridiclous! 

So my focus on sewing for the near future will be - concentrating on comfortable things I'm happy to wear if I'm staying home all day - there's no reason I can't still look reasonably put-together whilst being comfortable enough to do housework and such like. In the past few years since having my daughter I have fallen into the trap of dressing 'comfortably' which - in my case - has seemed to translate into sloppily and I need to snap out of it!

In preparation for this I have had a huge clearout of my clothes (in partial thanks to recently reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo) - and sorted out things that need mending which I aim to tackle this coming week! 

As a side-note challenge for myself, I also aim to complete at least one item of clothing per week during May 2015. For our upcoming holiday this summer I am aiming to take only handmade clothes and time is running out, I've only got a couple of months left so I really need to get cracking with that!

Are you signing up for Me Made May 2015? #mmmay15

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